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The 2021 Startup Investment & Community Capital Expo showcases pre-screened, investable startups from the Monterey Bay region and beyond.

Join us September 23rd 2021 online

The Startup Investment & Community Capital Expo is a must-attend investment event with strong local and regional attendance by venture investors, lenders, and impact investors.

The SICC showcases a variety of companies seeking funding, including

  • Scalable ventures seeking for seed financing through Series A financing
  • Community businesses seeking for alternative financing.

Past Pitching Companies

At Cruz Foam we will meet this growing concern for the environment with our bio-benign, all-natural packaging solutions that can be produced at scale by partnering with existing manufactures to create superior sustainable products at a similar cost.
Parallel Flight Technologies has created patent-pending technology that enables drone to carry heavy payloads for over two hours. This will make it ideal for use in fighting wildfires, search and rescue, and logistics missions.
Obatala Sciences is a biotechnology toolkit company that is addressing a critically unmet knowledge gap contributing to a $2 Trillion global economic burden annually within the fields of obesity, diabetes, and regenerative medicine.